She Began To Cry Tears Of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit The Ground

by Venetian Snares

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DJ Saint-Hubert
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DJ Saint-Hubert I alluded to synesthesia at one point or another, but really that's my feelings on Venetian Snares' music. It's only shocking because it's noisy and chaotic in the audio sense. How random is this compared to like the latest Call of Duty game in the scheme of things, if visual/audio noise were equals by society's standards? Or visual vs. audio stimulation? This kind of music is just holding the mirror up to society imo, or all it's really depicting is 'mayhem', the imagination does the rest Favorite track: He Was Shot By One Of Brian’s Children Holding The Cats Hostage In A Cardboard Box.
Source Invisible
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Source Invisible Snares produces a relentlessly amazing gabba / modular synth sound art collage gone dub-wise that will twist your head into some very strange territory! Favorite track: She Spoke To It Through A Clock Radio In A Dream And Woke As A Cloudburst Obliterating Her Civilization.
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? Beautifully soulless. Music from Skynet composed as a soundtrack to the terminators’ genocide. Each song is so uniquely removed from the human experience, yet they all flow together like one long arrangement. Songs in which the melody seems to be the driving blows of a clipped bass synth over chirping glitches. Wonderful music and maybe my favorite Venetian Snares release for its complex brutality.
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We are born, she says, and we begin to disintegrate. These disintegrations give birth to further crumbling forms which plummet and reconstruct themselves into new malformations which in turn fall into dust and simultaneously elevate new structures infinitely. This might be what it is to exist, to shit all over everything before us, to erase it and for a moment, make it ours. Civilization built over civilization over civilization over long tainted ground. Zeus and a demon chiseling away at each other forever.

Build up from what’s accumulated, a neighborhood inside the psychiatrist and they will paint the houses for you. The grief can live here, the mistakes. The theoretical lives unlived can haunt the master bedrooms and basements in disrepair and squalor. Take away the doors and windows, paint the walls in tar and piss! The ecosystem fails, the weeds grow tall and expire as the paint curls away into nothingness. We may build what we build, but it’s always in flux, decaying and reorganizing itself. The threads all give way and you’re left naked again, crouched in a corner crushing a dried-up banana peel and watching it flake down onto your toes. Is stability in any form truly attainable or is the point to repeatedly chase what we perceive as stability?

Today I was born, I leave my own abysmal stamp until my death, trying my best not to look back at the trail of stillborns in the snow.


released January 11, 2018

All tracks written, recorded, produced & performed by Aaron Funk. Published by Mute Song Ltd. Artwork by Aaron Funk


all rights reserved


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